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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 18, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ahead at 6:00, pressure is mounding on congress and president as across the board cuts to the budget take shape in less than two weeks. we'll have a closer look at what is next. >> and breaking overnight be a country music star is found dead. mindy mccready burst onto the scene in the 1990s but recently had been trying to repair her troubled past. fox 5 morning news continues right now with more on that. e good morning, straight up 6:00 right now. as you take a live look at the
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lincoln memorial. nice and peaceful on this monday, february 18th, president's day. it feels far from being peaceful outside. you will be shivering outside as you head out with a cold start to your monday morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. wick to the cold edition of fox 5 morning news. time now to turn things over to tucker barnes. it was so bad yesterday. >> yesterday, particularly cold. it will be chilly today but with high temperatures around 40 degrees and less wind, if you want to head down to the mall being museums it should be fine. >> just dart in quickly. >> you have to park close. >> always a bit of a challenge. let's do some temperatures and get started with a look at reagan national where it is currently 23 degrees. no doubt about it, one. our coldest mornings this month. a bit of a breeze is actually making the wind chill temperatures in the teens. so bottom line, it is no doubt about it a very cold start to your day and it will be chilly
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here not next several hours. we'll warm it up to near 40 later today. here is your radar, your satellite-radar. no clouds. lots of clear skies. lots of sunshine expected notch rain and/or snow today. the winds should gradually subside today. it will be a little breezy during the morning hours but even the winds will lighten up later today and that should allow for more comfortable conditions. 419 areagan national later today with sunshine. you can see upper 0s and low 40s across the region. -- upper 30s and low 40s across the region. >> let's check some with jeff newman for the commute. >> checking out freeway here. you can see it is vacant. very light volume traveling through the district. there is some congestion on 295, the appear cost i can't freeway southbound between medical calm x and the naval research lab. the left lane does get through here now. we'll head over to 270. here is the spur traveling down
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from gaithersburg and over to rockville and bethesda. no problems to report there. in the district, maryland, virginia, the sunday traffic regulations, meters not enforced. schools, libraries, local governments closed and thus we have lighter volume. also on that list, liquor stores closed. heading over to virginia, traveling north on 59 as you travel up to springfield. travel lanes are open running without any delays. hov, the lanes are open and not restricted today. can you travel on those with no problem. inside the beltway, 359 on your approach to the 14th street bridge, we're running without incident. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you for that very thorough update, jeff. an autopsy today is expected to confirm that country singer mindy mccready died after she shot herself in the head. her body was found on the front porch of her arc ask home. she topped the charts with heights like guys do it all the
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time. however, personal problems including drugs and alcohol abuse took her life in a different direction starting in 2004. she leaves behind two young sons and news her death spread quickly last night on twitter. natalee mains says it is too much tragedy to overcome. rest in peace, mindy mccready. >> carrie underwood says: rwood closer to home, fire officials? the district continue to investigate the cause of a fire at a home in southeast. flames ripped through this home. a 4-year-old girl remains in critical condition at the hospital. the home's owner is charged with felony threats and simple assault. investigators say he made threats against one of the women living at the home while crews worked to put out the flames. d.c. police need your help to track down a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. it happened saturday night in the 100 block of m street in
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northeast. that is near the noma gallaudet metro station. investigators say 20-year-old darnell christopher ross of upper marlboro fell in a crosswalk and was hit. driver left the scene. staying in the district now where the deadline to avoid massive across the board spending cuts is inching closer. >> with congress on have a indication this week, they will have just one week to strike a deal before march 1st. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: even though they are on holiday, several lawmakers did make time to hit the zipped talk shows and they all sounded rather entrenched in their positions even though they all agree that these cuts are going to hurt. starting march 1st, every federal agency will have to cut its budget. for defense, they will have to tighten spending by 13%. nondefense agencies by 9% for the rest of this fiscal year with more cuts spread out over
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the decade. the agreement was for find $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. with the economy though slowly making strides, the white house argues now is not the time. >> we are seeing the housing market starting to heal. we are seeing the stock market come back and we are seeing consumer confidence strengthen. those are the kinds of things we should be focused on. this isn't a spending into fight for us. this is a fight about whether we'll make the investments in middle class families in this country. >> now, fiscal hawks on the other hand, say it is the massive federal debt that is what is hurting middle class families and republicans are oppose to more tax hikes to make up any possible reduction in budget cuts and notten on capitol hill here sees sequestration as unthinkable. now, senator rand paul on for example news sunday pointed out that even with a trillion dollars in spending cuts, says the federal spending will go by $9 trillion over the next 10 years and he believes now is the time to get spending under
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control. back to you. >> thank you. there are plenty of presidents day events here in our area today and among them, a parade celebrating george washington's birthday in old town standsery. it goes from 1:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. the reviewing stand is near city hall's market square. mount vernon is also throwing a birthday bash for our first president. admission is free from 8:00 a.m. for 4:00 p.m. today. president obama is enjoying the holiday weekend in florida. he is spending some of his time working on his golf game. yesterday, the president teed it up with tiger woods at a secluded yacht and golf club. this was the first time the president and woods hit the course together. they end ped up playing 18 holes. the president played another nine holes without tiger woods. flight rage. a mother accuses a fellow passenger of assaulting her child. we'll hear from her coming up next. history made at the vatican ate large crowd gathers in st. peter's square as we learn more details about the pope's
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back now with a story sparking nationwide outrage. a map accused of salting a little by is out of a job. there he is, joe rickey hundley's now former employer called the reports offensive and disturbing. hundley was accused of slapping the 2-year-old in the face and calling him a racial slur. >> his mouth was in my ear and he said it again but even more hateful and he was on my face so i pushed him away. that is when he slapped jonah. so people saw. >> she also said the man reeked of alcohol. bennett and her husband are white onah, whom they adopted is black. hundley's attorney has said his
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client will plead not guilty. the charge carries a minimum penalty of a year in jail. oscar advertiser toious' track career is on hold while he faces a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend. he has to focus on defending himself against the allegations. at the focus, a bloody cricket bat found in the house. a bond hearing is set for tomorrow, the same day his girlfriend will be laid to rest. about 100,000 people turned out for one of the pope benedict's last public appearances as leader of the catholic church. there are new details about the pope's health. a german journalist says when he lost saw the poem 10 weeks ago, he and to have gone blind in one eye, had trouble hearing and was so thin tailors are having trouble fitting him with clothes. still ahead, nascar
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history. a historic day on the track in daytona. >> cashing in. how much a piece of that meteorite in russia last week is going for on the internet. 
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welcome back. it was history in the making this weekend for nays car. danica patrick became the first woman to win the pole for the daytona 500. patrick went out eighth in the qualifying session and covered the two and a half mile super speedway in just under 46 seconds averaging over 196 miles per hour. no woman has ever captured the pole for any race in nascar's premier circuit. >> that is great. history making. >> good no her. >> what is that race, next weekend i guess? >> i think so. maybe she'll win and create even more of a buzz around the sport. pretty popular already. >> yeah. let's do your weather forecast. around here, no issues at all if you are out enjoying your
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day off. should be a lot of sunshine. less wind and that is the best part. plenty of sunshine so a nice quiet lacking forecast to kick off the week. it is cold. it was cold yesterday. check out daytime highs yesterday. just 34 at reagan national and both dulles and bwi marshall did not get above the freezing mark yesterday, only 32 yesterday. and, of course, what i'm not mentioning here, our winds which were blowing at about 40 yesterday. it never actually fell this warm. most of the day, it felt like it was in the teens. 23 right now in washington. it is, however, very cold. 23 in leonardtown. look at your teensen. these are actual air temperatures. 17 in fredericksburg. 18 in manassas. 19 in gaithersburg. 17 in hagerstown. cumberland, i know we've got friends out there in western maryland. it is 19 degrees for you out to the west as well. temperatures, no doubt about it, it feels like a very cold february morning. we should warm up not any time soon here.
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it will be late morning, early afternoon by the time we take these numbers into the upper 30s. high pressure keeps us nice and dry. storminess from saturday, it did brung a little bit of snow, light snow to parts of the area that has pushed now north and east of washington. that is how we got the very strong wind yesterday. out to the west is our next area of storminess just starting to take shape. that will bring is a period of some rain tomorrow and if it gets in here early enough tomorrow morning, it could bring parts of the area particularly west of us, if you are one of our views are out to the west, it could bring you a period of light sleet or a little light freezing rain before it transitions to rain during the day tomorrow. eventually tomorrow afternoon, our highs should approach 50. i think it will be a rain event but things could be a little touch and go tomorrow morning. 41 today. no issues again this morning. lots of sunshine. still cool out there. winds out of the north and west at five. 3 # tonight, increasing cold. along with the warmer air comes a period of rain showers tomorrow and let me just say one more time. if it gets in here early
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enough, could be a period of freezing rain for parts of the area. then sunshine wednesday, thursday. still some question marks with that storm. jeff newman is in with a check of your roads. >> let's do that traffic. between the beltways, 95 in both directions light are than normal because of the holiday. here, we are getting populated as you are passing george avenue around the outer loop passing the mormon temple an over to the american legion bridge. the travel lanes are open. heading down 270, you are problem-free on 270. in gaithersburg, still dealing with that fire, a serious one. closed in both directions is 355 between south summitt avenue. we'll head over to virginia traveling in on 66.
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inside the beltway, you are at speed with no hov restrictions. they are lifted for today, back to wisdom and sarah. >> thank you. we are getting our first look at some of the fragments of meteor that exploded over central russia on friday. >> over the weekend, scientists checked out a frozen lake when they believe many parts of it rained down them showed off some small space rock fragments. clean-up from damage cause bid friday's meteor explosion continues today. much of the glass blown out of windows from the sonic boom created bit meteor has already been replaced. the blast was loud enough for sensors halfway around the world to pick up. as you might imagine, the meteorite is big business on the internet. get this. on e-bay, several pieces of what sellers claim are fragments of space rock are on sale and some are going for thousands of dollars. now, how do you prove that that rock was the rock. >> and you condition verify it until you have it in your
6:21 am
possession and then you go take it and say it's just a rock. >> just a rock from russia. laying in somebody's backyard. be very careful. >> wait for your own meteor to crash near you. ing up next, caving in to public pressure, one of the most icon inbourbon companies is reversing a controversial decision. >> but first, it is one. toughest tickets to get in town but this year, you can get another chance to be a part of the white house easter egg roll. the online ticket lottery opens this thursday at 10:00 a.m. t runs through february 25th and results will be released on march 1st. the easter egg roll is set for monday, april 1st. we'll be right back. 
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back now with an update on the horse meat scandal playing out across europe. britain's environment secretary is now calling for a revamp of how food is tested in that
6:25 am
country saying courage system relies too much on trusting the paperwork that comes with the meat shipments them glied to begin random dna checks on meat products. traces of horse meat have turned up in frozen meals such as burgers and lasagna. it has been found on fresh beef pasta sauce on restaurant menus, school lunches and in hospital meals. starting today, maker mark will no longer be cutting the am of alcohol in its famous whiskey. customers were outraged when the whiskey maker announceed a supply shortage that would result in them dropping the alcohol ton content from 45% to 42%. the brand listened and is now restoring the original recipe and cutting back on overseas shipments. >> what we heard back ways very humbling very clear feedback from our customers and what they told us was that they
6:26 am
would rather have the occasional shortage moving forward than in any way change maker's mark. >> here the irony. people will be lining unto buy the bottles with less alcohol because they will be seen as collectibles. so they win either way. >> why would you want to collect that? >> it is 4 #% to 45%. >> people don't want it watered down. >> all right. prices at the pump continue to rise with the national average up to $3.67 a gallon. drivers are paying a record high for this time of year. an oil analyst with gas says he is surprised to seat price jump so high in february when demands is normally low and he is now concerned what might happen next month. the rising price of oil is to blame. a tulsa man had no problem staying gassed up during the austin marathon over the weekend even with two tires on his shoulders. he said he needed new tires on his vehicle a year ago so he worked the old ones into his
6:27 am
training regimen. he finish the 26.2-miles in four hours and 30 minutes. that is pretty good. >> what? >> he ran a marathon with the tires. >> with tires? gentleman yeah, added a little weight. you need to up the degree of difficulty apparently. marathon isn't enough. >> just running the 26 miles alone is not tough enough. it's race aagainst time in the east coast in areas impacted by superstorm standee as the region prepares for a busy time of year. >> it is time for the morning line. we are talking about that great defensive all-star game. we'll be right back.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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welcome back. people in the northeast, they are dig out again. less than two week after a massive blizzard in massachusetts, a winter storm brought several new inches of
6:31 am
snow on monday. >> they can't catch a break. >> no, they can't. in coastal areas affected by superstorm sandy, they are racing to remove tons of debris from water before the start of the tourism season if boater and swimmers can't go safely into the water this summer, the region risks losing millions of dollars. much the work will involve cranes plucking debris from the shown. it involves cars, docks, pieces of furniture,en tiefer houses and mild of sapped that has to be dredged and then replaced. they got a lot of work to do and it seems like it is far off but it is no the that far away. that is a lot of work. >> -- entire houses and mime of sand. >> how do you make sure you get it all? that is a lot. >> and the water. >> don't want to go fishing in that area. >> welsh fish, never mind swimming. >> all of the above. >> let's do t it is cold out this morning. no swimming in the ocean as
6:32 am
temperatures overnight have fallen back into the teens and 20s. there are those people who do the polar bear plunge. maybe today is not the day. 23 in washington. 17 in new york city. boston, 16 degrees. and yep, we've got an eight there in binghamton. our cold arctic air parked across the mid-atlantic and new england. this moved in during the day on saturday. you felt it yesterday with the howling winds. they were blowing up to about 40 miles per hour. we should warm it up to about 40 today. plenty of southern and less wind than yesterday. all in all, it will be a decent day. our temperatures will be running a little below average. we should be in the mid- to upper 40s. we are talking 40 or 41 today. a little cooler than average. with sunshine, less wind, it will be a nice-looking day for you. here is your monday forecast. officially, we'll go 41 in washington. 41 in leonardtown. let's see. manassas, 41-degree as well for you with sunshine. -- 41 degrees as well for you with sunshine. >> thank you, tucker. >> on-time traffic time. ic tim
6:33 am
>> and we will start on the west side of the beltway, the american legion bridge in both directions moving at speed. lighter volume than normal but we do have some of that volume coming around the inner loop from springfield past route 7 and the dulles toll road. your travel lanes are open. your express lanes available as well. we'll head over to prince george's county. looking at the volume south of route 50 on your way over to 295 and the woodrow wilson bridge running problem-free there. hov restricts in virginia, they have been lifted on 95, 395 and on 66 with the government, libraries, schools all closed today. you see the lighter volume traveling north up towards springfield. one shot for you downtown, this is 27th and k on the approach to the whitehurst freeway. i don't think i have a ever even it this vacant. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. a check of this morning's top stories now. country music fans are waking up to the news of the death of
6:34 am
singer mindy mccready. she apparently killed herself on her front porch the same place where her long-time boyfriend is believed to have committed sue sigh just weeks ago. the 37-year-old hit the top of the country charts in the '90s. personal problems sidetracked her career. she leaves behind two young sons. police on the eastern shore are investigating the murder of a college student from severn, maryland. 21-year-old edmond st. claire was stabbed to death during a fight on the somerset county campus of the university of maryland eastern shore. police do not believe this was a random crime and it may have been the result of an argument or ongoing dispute. d.c. police need your help to track down a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. this happened saturday night in the 100 block of m street in northeast. that is near the noma gallaudet metro station. investigators say 20-year-old darnell christopher ross of up are marlboro fell in the crosswalk and was hit.
6:35 am
the driver left the scene. on capitol hill, lawmaker begin a week-long vacation today so that means they will have just one week to strike a deal to avoid across the board spending cuts set to take effect march 1st. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill. how real is threat of congress not making a deal here. >> reporter: well, you know, the white house says it is doing everything it can to avoid the sequester but like you said, capitol hill is on vacation and sos the president. he was out playing golf yesterday. there is a sense of resignation here on capitol hill that the sequester is a real possibility whether it takes effect for just a few weeks or for the entire term. lawmakers have been trying to dodge the self-imposed sequestration for a year and a half but the march 1st deadline is fast approaching with no deal and the president and congress are out of town. >> i believe it is going to take place. >> reporter: the sequester would result in roughly $85
6:36 am
billion in cuts this year. in addition, the deadline could mean 10,000 laid-off teachers, a reduction in bored patrol agents, $1 billion taken from relief funds for disaster victims and longer waits on airport security screening lines. it is even threaten ago nationwide meat shortage with furloughs for every meat and poultry inspector. some republicans blaming the president for this. >> it was requested by the president. it was his idea. signed into law by him. >> president failed to mention that the sequester was his idea. >> the president promised in the campaign sequestration would not happen. now, he is allowing it to happen. >> reporter: one month into his job, the new white house chief of staff is pushing the president's plan. >> he is ready to do another trifle onand a half to get up to the $4 trillion target that economists tell us is needed to stabilize the debt. >> there are real fears outside
6:37 am
the beltway that lawmakers won't get a deal done. >> reporter: so far, the democratic proposals to avoid the scwefter have included fewer budget cuts appear more tax revenue to make up the difference but republicans mostly opposed to that idea saying they did tax likes back in december. -- to avoid the sequester. the status of chuck hagel. critics say he isn't supportive enough u.s. ally israel and is unreasonably sympathetickic to iran. still, gop opponents say they will probably allow a confirmation vote when they return from break on the 25th. a leaked immigration proposal from the white house is drawing some harsh criticism from republicans. the draft bill leaked to "usa today" would create a special sleys afor illegal immigrants allowing them to stay in the
6:38 am
u.s. while they wait for permanent legal status. -- a special visa for illegal immigrants. time now no the morning line. >> and u2. >> what? >> that was u2 and you too as well. >> let's just do this. >> the runners and caps had their first meeting yesterday. we don't like them. you know why? because they beat us last year in the semifinals. >> that is a good reason not to like somebody. >> you ever been in madison square guardens? >> yes, went there and saw the big east tournament last year. >> how did you get tickets? >> don't be asking that. >> caps are up 1-0 but rangers are pretty good. this is why they're pretty good. they may good defensive hockey. that was the only goal he gave
6:39 am
up. our goalie was good for our guys in white but sadly not good enough here in the third. it is 1-1. now, it is 2-1. caps are now 5-9-1. they have 11 points. it is tied for the least a points with winnipeg in the eastern conference so that three-game winning streak was nice. sadly, it is now over. >> there is still time. >> still time? >> still hanging onto hope. >> you told me to panic and then said don't panic. >> i'm staying the course. >> did you watch -- >> i would have but i didn't have any room because i still had the westminster dog show. >> you love the all-star game. nothing i like more. >> great defense. >> two lakers starting for the
6:40 am
west. they aren't even going to make the playoffs. >> kevin durant had 30. he is from montrose christian right here. he was not the mvp. this guy was. chris paul gives it up here. watch the give and go and back to blake griffin. lob city, lob, lob city. tucker barnes liked that one. >> you like this one. >> did he travel, one, two, three, four. >> oh, maybe. >> nice defense. >> i like kevin durant. that's not the point. >> the west won. >> is that what you call it, win something. >> i have a question for you. do you remember this dunk in 2006? this remind me of what i'm doing to you right now on the facebook likes page. i'm destroying you. game over as vince carter said to you in 2000. so what i want you to step your facebook game up and get your lines up because he is saying it for me right there. >> why are you showing this old video? >> because i wanted to prove that the competition is over. >> that is the best dunk you
6:41 am
could come up with? >> it's over. olympic track star oscar pistorius remained in a jail cell charged with the murder of his girlfriend. his agent speaks out about his client's career. >> as we head to break, a live look at the lincoln memorial on this president appear -- this president's day. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. a bond hearing will be held tomorrow for double amputee track star oscar pistorius. he is charged with the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend. >> the police investigation is focused on a bloody cricket bats batot found inside his home. we have at latest from south africa. >> i can tell you that we have had overwhelming support for oscar from a lot of fans on a global scale. really on a global scale, south african fans, international fans from literally all over
6:45 am
world of. >> reporter: in the south african city of pretoria, a small church ceremony is held on sunday. >> supporting both families with prayer and encouragement and not taking sides. >> reporter: the 26-year-old double amputee remains in police custody after being formally charmed with her murder. members of his family and legal team offering support over the weekend by visiting him behind bars. the woman was found shot multiple times early friday morning. >> you can't judge him. none of us know what happened. it is not our place to pass around gossip. >> reporter: he became the first double leg amputee to compete in the olympics in 2012. after the arrest and her death, it september ripples throughout his fan base.
6:46 am
>> a tragic circumstance and event that has unfolded and we can only give oscar our support at this point in time. >> reporter: pistorius' agent said the rest of his races would be canceled for the remainder of the year and the fate of sponsor deals remains up in the air. if he is convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison. president hugo chaff is back home after undergoing two months of medical treatments in cuba following cancer surgery. he sent out a series of messages on his twitter act, one that thanks fidel and raoul castro who have overseen his treatments in cuba. >> let's check some with tuck fore the latest on our weather. >> it is cold. no doubt about it. stem in the teens and low 20s to start your day. it should be a little more comfortable than it was yesterday for you. lots of sunshine today. highs about 40 or so and noticeably less windy than yesterday. it is still a little cooler than we should be for the
6:47 am
middle of february. but again, with sunshine, less wind, it will feel better. >> an upgrade. >> it was cold just going to the grocery store. >> and early this morning, with -- when we got to go to work, it was certainly one of the coldest days this month. 23 at reagan national. 22 in annapolis. 19 in frederick. look at all the teens breaking out. fredericksburg and cull pitcher, these are actual air temperatures, 16-degree for you. 21 in leonardtown. off to north and west in the mountains in the teen for the most part as well. hagerstown, 17 and 18 in martinsburg. yesterday, wind were blowing at about 40 miles per hour. they were gusting at about 40. the wind have been lightening up overnight. we have got a bit of a breeze and this is giving us the old wind chill. the wind chill map is back. it feels like 15 right now in washington. nine in baltimore. just 16 in fredericksburg. you get the idea. 11 at both dulles and frederick. no doubt about it, it will a cold morning. it will be a very cool
6:48 am
afternoon with highs in the up are 30s and low 40s but less wind than yesterday. here is satellite-radar. nice, quiet day. enjoy your holiday. not much in the way of any weather features here. as we get into tonight and tomorrow, we are -- our next system developing out to our west will likely bring us a period of shower activity during the dad if we can get started early enough tomorrow morning, some of our viewers out to the west, some of the communities out to the west could be dealing with a little bit of sleet or freezing rain at the onset of the event here so we've got to watch the movement and the timing fairly carefully. otherwise, we're expecting temperatures to warm up into the upper 40s near 50 tomorrow and it will generally just be kind of a cool rainy day for us tomorrow afternoon. 41 your daytime high. winds north and west at five. yesterday, we were only 34. 32 tonight, increasing clouds and cold overnight. this your winds south at five to 10. there is your accu-weather
6:49 am
seven-day forecast. a lot going on. other tomorrow. maybe a little early freezing rain transitioning to rain. wednesday and thursday generally look sunny although cool. maybe a wintry mix on friday. then we'll bounce back into the mid-40s by next weekend. so to end the month here, i think things will be pretty active weather-wise. see if we can get any snow. >> we'll see. >> hello. good morning, effect. guess what it is time for. -- good morning, everybody. >> yes, ask tony and tucker. this is the sellingment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together on answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. yes, sir. >> sometimes when we we are these questions, what we're really doing is helping people with their relationships. >> yes, it is true. i know askallison as the one that is all about relationships. today, we are helping a couple. here is today's question.
6:50 am
it comes from adam. he want to know if we can set i'll debate between him and husband wife. take a look at this photo. on friday evening, around 5:30, my wife took this picture from i-66 westbound in virginia between fairfax and centreville. she is convince the bright streak on the pick is a meteor, possibly da-14, asteroid that we were talking about last week but i do not think it is. can you confirm in the meteor passed our area on friday? the fate of our marriage depends on it. then he says just kidding. >> god help you. we feel responsible. >> it certainly looks meteor- like. >> it does. >> tucker, you did some research into this? >> i have a done a lot of research. need an inspector clouseau hat and one of those magnifying
6:51 am
glasses. i have done a lot of research. can't say anything definitive. i can't be sure about what i found but here is my research. according to our friends at the american meteor society, there were no other sightings in the mid-atlantic on friday, february 15th of any other meteor sighting. so that would lead one to believe that this is probably not a meteor. now, to do a little more investigating, i investigated the path of da-14, asteroid that we talked about that was going to come close to hitting planet earth. that was not visible to the naked eye. and furthermore, you had to be basically in a swath from parts of india through asia to be able to see that with a tell scwoap or binoculars. so here on the east coast.
6:52 am
>> so it was not the asteroid. >> i'm getting no reports from the american meteor society of any meteors or asteroids that were seen close in other than the famous one in russia. -- to see that with a telescope or binoculars. there were 10 separate reports of people seeing meteors but nothing locally. i have a theory. >> you do? >> i have a question. go ahead with your theory. >> i noticessed in his note that he reported that this was taken at about 5:30 in the affect. sun was setting about 5:45. the sun was setting below the horizon. what i suspect we are looking at is the sun's reflection off a fast-moving aircraft and the con trail behind it. >> it could be. it does kind of look like that. >> you're probably right. but still, that is pretty wide
6:53 am
for even -- >> were there any launches from north korea late friday? here is my question. no reports of meteors. if this couple called the mare meteor society and sent the picture in, would that be a report and there would be a report? >> yes, but typically, we know what happens. more than one person sees it. >> could it be an alien. >> this is a possibility. we'll have to wait and see y i could see why they thought that. >> you look at that. i totally get it. >> i hope we saved the marriage. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> let's check in with jeff newman sitting for for julie wright. >> all that research is wonderful but the correct answer is just agree with your wife. >> that is true. >> the state of your marriage depends on it. >> that is true. >> you are a smart man.
6:54 am
>> checking the roads this president's day, lighter volume than normal headed northbound to spring field from newington. your hov restrictions, high-def been lifted. closed everywhere, banks, federal offices, post offices. the roads are reflecting that lack of workers. let's head over to prince george's county. you see the light volume on the beltway itself in both treks. no problems to report through montgomery county. no accidents, no incidents, light volume and that is a look at your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. influence and image, what every first lady thrives to achieve touring her time in the white house. >> a closer look at the private lives and public roles after the women who served as first lady over last several decades. holly morris has more on that coming up next. 
6:55 am
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2/18/13 good morning.
6:58 am
i'm holly morris. we're talking about the first ladies of the white house. we are live at the shop at president's square.. beautiful shop just opened last october. they have a new book out about the first ladies. we're going'r to find out more about that. this shop is located in the historic decator house. live broadcast that is premiering a series that is put together that is called first ladies influence an image. and going to be a year long two part series that talks about all the ladies that held the top spot. we have the chief of staff from first lady laura bush. you can go on board, interactive experience.ex it's traveling across the country. we'll tell you how you can come out and get on board and learn. >> sounds wonderful, holly. thank you. >> let's s say good morning to today's fan of the day.
6:59 am
it is tia divine carter. she can't leave home without catching fox 5 morning we appreciate that. thank you for watching. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. happy cold monday. >> isn't it cold? happy monday to you. coming up now on fox 5 morning news, a bitter cold start. warmer weather could be right around the corner. let's hope. >> tragic end to the life of mindy mccready. the investigation into her apparent suicide and reaction in a live report. than twoter, less weeks until sequestration andti now a deal in sight to stop it. from military to pre-school fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. sgll this is fox 5 morning news.


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